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Lady Red Hawk

​Suzy Peltier aka Lady Red Hawk has served the Goddess and the principle of Wholism for over thirty years as an Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life Church, Shaman, Reiki Master Teacher, Internet Radio Host, Massage Therapist and Hypnotherapist. She is also a Wiccan Priestess, founder of the twenty year-old Neo-Wiccan Tradition of Taoist Wicca, and the author of the forthcoming book entitled: "Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs: A Seasonal Self-Coaching Guide to Wicca the Chakras and the Tao." 


She has a Five Star Yelp review, to view reviews please visit:

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About twenty-five years ago, Lady Red Hawk began to apply her background in medical anthropology to pursue a burning question: "How is ritual used for healing?" To answer this question she established a women's ritual circle, which lasted seven years. Skipping just one sabbat, she went on to found the Dragon Spirit Taoist Wiccan Sabbat Circle, which is open to all genders and continues to this day with practitioners and small circles across the U.S. and as far as Ireland, Holland, France and Peru. From this experience was born the vision and "new tradition" of Taoist Wicca and her forthcoming book series, as well as the Exclusive Circle Materials for sale as downloads on this site.




Suzy Peltier

Lady Red Hawk


Her Internet radio shows include: 


Discovering Taoist Wicca internet radio show airs around each Sabbat 

Discovering Taoist Wicca - Yule and Rebirth

Discovering Taoist Wicca - Imbolc and Committment

Discovering Taoist Wicca - Ostara and Balance


My latest radio show:  Hidden Connections: Exploring the Body/Mind/Spirit Complex


Spiritually Speaking: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs. 13 shows in Archive, hosted by Suzy Peltier aka Lady Red Hawk.


Visit my YouTube channel by clicking here:


Download Circle Magazine Issue 120 to view Lady Red Hawk’s Article:

“Spirituality Made Simple: Transforming Everyday Routines into a Magickal Practice"
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For more info please visit :!about/c15ri




If you would like to see a book about Taoist Wicca, that shows you how to use the seasons as a self-coaching tool blended into a Wiccan ritual practice, then please consider making a contribution to my Go Fund Me campaign!  Thank you! Lady Red Hawk



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