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Ministry Services


Suzy Peltier, or Lady Red Hawk, has served the Goddess and the principle of wholism (holism) for over thirty years as an Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life Church, a Third Degree Wiccan Priestess, Shaman, Reiki Master Teacher, Massage Therapist, and Hypnotherapist. In addition to teaching classes in Wicca and shamanism, she works with individuals to create rituals, ceremonies, and soul retrievals that support their healing process and help them maintain balance once healing has been achieved. Rituals can be used to mark important life transitions, such as marriage, birth, coming of age, and becoming an elder. Her interest in this area was inspired by her anthropology background, which has given her a deep respect for the use of rituals both for healing and for building community.


To grow Taoist Wicca, Lady Red Hawk has been training High Priests and High Priestesses with a rich understanding of Taoist Wicca and solid Interfaith Ministerial experience with Universal Life Church plus, 2nd Degree or Master Reiki energy skills. Like Lady Red Hawk, each of her initiates is deeply committed to helping people express their own spirituality.


Should Lady Red Hawk not be available to meet your needs, you can be confident that one of the several talented Second Degree High Priests or High Priestesses can help you. 

Contact Lady Red Hawk to inquire about services or a training program.  

For more information, click here: Wiccan Priestess



Spiritual Consultation


Psychic Reading & Healing is a mixture of psychic and/or intuitive work

combined with Hypnosis, Chakra clearing, and Reiki energy work to not only

to give you information but to clear energetic obstacles.


This work can be done in person, by telephone, or Skype. 

Included in this work is an advanced form of Reiki that allows Suzy,

to work at a distance, if necessary. 

For more information, click here: Sprititual Consultation


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Weddings & Handfastings 


  • Personalize your wedding

  • Handfastings


for more information, click: Weddings & Handfastings



Memorials & More


  • Honor your divorce

  • Hospital and Hospice visits

  • Memorials

  • Prepare for a birth or death

  • Cleanse and bless your home or office

  • Perform rites of passage: into manhood, womanhood or becoming an elder

  • Find personal clarity and make important decisions

  • Build your own spiritual practice

  • Name your baby


For more information click: Memorials & More


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