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What is Taoist Wicca?


Taoist Wicca is a seasonal self-coaching and ritual system for personal growth and social change.  

Each of us is a hero on a quest to reveal the inner truth that would collectively and personally empower us. You may not grow your own food, but each of us must still cultivate ourselves and offer our potential for the collective good of our family, community, and planet.


No prior faith is required: only the suspension of "disbelief."  If you already have a spiritual practice, then Taoist Wicca can be used as a seasonal and spiritual self-coaching system to better see your patterns and shift them. You add this practice to your existing spirituality, work with the deities you like, think in terms of archetypes, or focus on the qualities you want to invoke that will enhance your personal balance and help you manifest the life you want.  


How It Developed


With a background in medical anthropology and a degree in Holistic Health, I was fascinated by the question of how the ancients had used rituals for healing. Since rituals were used by virtually every culture around the world, I wondered if the use of rituals was an underutilized healing tool. But how did ritual work? And could this ancient wisdom be the key to shifting many of our personal and cultural ills? As a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Hypnotherapist, I have observed that people who had nothing to do with Wicca would come through my healing practice with physical and emotional issues relating to the Chakras with the same themes as the upcoming or recently passed, Wiccan holiday (sabbat)! I began to postulate that the seasons are hardwired into our bodies and psyches to d




















o certain emotional work at certain times of the year.


Furthermore, my training in Asian Medicine, which is based on Taoism, helped me to see the Wiccan Wheel of the Year as a Tao. In this system, the longest and shortest days of the year, the Solstices, function as the turning points. The first half of the year is the creation, or Yang cycle, with its planting rituals.  The destruction cycle or Yin half of the year goes into decline. Crops come to fruition and are harvested: the dead are honored, and the past is composted to set the stage for a new cycle and rebirth. Thus the planting and harvest cycles in agriculture become a perfect metaphor for processes within our psyches. The self-coaching aspect of Taoist Wicca is to train yourself to see how the seasons and the themes of the corresponding sabbats are playing out in your life. And how to shift unwanted patterns using self-reflection, awareness, and ritual.


This practice is intended to offer an avenue of spiritual inquiry and creative expression.



Are there support materials available?

Yes! my book titled: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Needs: Discovering Taoist Wicca 

can be purchased on Amazon

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How much does it cost?


You can purchase an annual subscription to our ECircle list for $60 to receive our exclusive Circle writings, invitations to rituals and more, subscribe to the Circle email list. If you wish to arrange for trainings or consultations with Lady Red Hawk or how to obtain an invitation to attend a ritual.

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I wish to acknowledge that the foundation of my work such as the themes of the sabbats and the relationship of the Lord and Lady is based on the famous work by Starhawk The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess (San Francisco: Harper 1989)









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