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About the Circle


Welcome to our official Taoist Wicca website! We are proud to introduce our growing Neo-Wiccan Tradition of Taoist Wicca, our Mother Circle and full-service Ministry, as well as an opportunity for you to join our ECircle and participate in our spreading global community. You can check out the Ministry Services page for more about our ministry and psychic services. Take a look at the Marketplace page to explore personalized services with Lady Red Hawk. Or, explore the Downloads page for a unique assortment of exclusive info-materials developed by me over the course of twenty years, to help seekers like you. You'll find materials to help you build or strengthen your personal practice, find a suitable ritual circle, take an existing circle to the next level, and to help those who feel called to build a ritual circle.

We operate by invitation. For specific information, or if you are interested in attending please contact Lady Red Hawk. I'll chat with You and give you the details you will need.

Please enjoy,


Lady Red Hawk












About the Dragon Spirit Taoist Wiccan Circle:


The San Francisco Dragon Spirit Taoist Wiccan Circle is the Mother Circle of the Taoist Wiccan Tradition. As a Circle, and as a Tradition, our intention is to create powerful, positive magick. In order to do this, our highest priority is to protect the sanctity of the magick as well as the spiritual, physical and emotional safety of each participant in the Circle. By protecting individuals, we can best protect the Circle at large and produce the cleanest, most powerful magick.


Wicca assumes that spirituality is a personal expression. We gather in a spirit of mirth and reverence to celebrate Universal Love, Balance and the Lord and Lady: to honor the Divinity in ourselves and in each other. 

Three essential components are missing from current culture: balance, belonging and empowerment. The mission of Taoist Wicca is to bring these elements to the foreground. The mission of the Circle is to implement those values, and provide a safe, supportive environment for self-exploration, spiritual inquiry, creative expression as well as a means of building a healthy community. 



Question: Do I need any prior experience with ritual or Wicca to attend?

Answer: Our Moon Rites are open to people with no prior experience. Just bring your open mind and open heart.


Question: Are your Circles public?

Answer: No. We operate by invitation. For specific information, or if you are interested in attending please contact Lady Red Hawk. She'll  chat with you and give you the details you will need. 


Question: What is the E-Circle list

Answer: For those who don't live close enough to attend a Circle, you can still participate in our online community by subscribing to the Circle email list for $60 per year. Your subscription dues provide much needed support for our full-service ministry. In addition to receiving the exclusive Circle writings, rituals and other Circle materials, your subscription allows you to participate in our online prayer and Reiki circle. You will also have an open invitation to attend a ritual, given there is space and the rite is open to guests.

Click here for the ECircle subsription


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