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Here is bit about my work:

Each session includes a chat and cup of tea (approximately 15 min). This allows us to get comfortable with each other and to set the intention for the session. I also leave about 15 min at the back end of the session for you to come back into your body and ask any questions. This

process allows me to zero in on your energy, work with you as a whole person and not rush you out at the end. This means, you will be on the table for about a half an hour less than the time you booked. In other words, in a two hour session you will be on the table for about 90 minutes.

I charge by the session, not by the length of the time on the table because not all sessions require table work.


My hours are Tues-Fri 11am-6pm. Each session is timed from the agreed appointment time of arrival and departure. Late arrivals pay full price and receive the remainder of the time reserved. Extending the time is subject to availability and will be charged extra.


For in-person sessions, I charge $150 for 90 minutes and $175 for 2 hours.Additional time is based on 90.00 per hour: 45.00/ 30 minutes and 25.00/15 minutes, subject to availability. Cash and payments (@Suzy-Peltier) will receive a 5.00 discount. I accept local checks at time of service.If you wish to use a credit card, please use the PayPal function at the bottom of my Price and Locations page prior to arrival.!hours-price-location/c81m (Tips are appreciated but not expected).

Phone sessions are 100.00 per hour and increments thereof. Reiki classes are 300.00 for Reiki Iand 400.00 for Reiki II. Prices for other workshops will be set when the class is announced.

I have a standard 24 hour cancellation policy on all appointments.Some kinds of work can be intense. Sometimes old patterns of 

self-sabotage will create numerous obstacles. Often, the session hardest to get to -- is the one you really need! Change can be scary and breakthroughs take commitment. However, the insight and healing can be well worth the effort.

Missed Appointment and Short Notice Cancellation Fee:50% of the charge for the length of the session booked. This charge will not be 

waived for several reasons:

1) This fee helps to support your resolve to show up for the work.


2) Preliminary energy work is done on your behalf prior to your arrival. If nothing else, this energy needs to be compensated. Any cancellation charge must be paid before any other appointments will be set.

3) Given the length and intensity of the sessions, I work with only a small case load at any given time. Sudden openings generally cannot be rebooked on short notice. Without this policy, short notice cancellations or missed appointments could take a huge bite out of my bottom line and take energy from those who really need it.

I appreciate your understanding and patronage.


Suzy Peltier

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